Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cooking Light Magazine

So in our household we have a favorite resource for recipes, Cooking Light Magazine.  We are subscribers and eagerly await our monthly delivery of the magazine.  I typically go directly to the recipe index and look for what I think sounds good or interesting.  My wife, she reads it cover to cover, reading all the articles and going in order on the recipes.  We have found quite a few good things over the years that we always return to.  I will share some of these in future blogs, but they are a basic marinara that makes a large amount that we divide up and use for various recipes.  A baked Ziti (uses the marinara), a Gnocchi Casserole(can't believe it isn't a thousand calories) are a couple of our other go to items.

We got hooked on the magazine 5 or so years ago.  My mother-in-law got us a subscription, of course she forgot to tell us she got us this subscription.  We thought it was one of those free samples to get us to subscribe.  Well we thought the magazine was great so we subscribed.  We got a bit confused when next month we received two copies of the magazine.  After a couple of months of this we finally found out that our second subscription was from our mother-in-law. 

I highly recommend this magazine.  Good tasting recipes, for the most part healthier and a ton of new recipes each month.  Each year they also come out with a yearly almanac of sorts that has all the recipes for the year.