Thursday, July 7, 2011

Helping others Help others

So on Sunday and last night I had the privilege of volunteering with a some other people to feed a group of kids who were working with a ministry to rebuild houses in need.  I didn't get to cook anything fancy or gourmet, but it was just a nice thing to do for these kids. 

The ministry is the blueprint ministries here in San Antonio.  They bring groups of kids from churches across the country to do some work on houses here in San Antonio.  This week, my Sunday school class volunteered to feed the kids dinner. 

The dinner selection was already predetermined and full instructions were given.  Again, nothing fancy, but it just felt good to help out.  Good thing was we got to enjoy the food also after we prepared it.  Following we cleaned the dishes and the kitchen and headed out. 

It was an easy way to help others who were helping others.