Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So I am still learning this blogging thing

Well i just got done writing a nice review of a 8 course meal I had on Friday, but accidentally erased the post and lost it.  So I will try and follow up on that in the future.

Of note on Saturday I made homemade pasta.  For my birthday my wife gave me the attachments to the kitchen aide mixer to make your own pasta.  Comes with a few easy recipes to make for some basic pasta.

I have now made both the basic egg noodle and the light wheat noodle.  Both were super easy and turned out great.

Some things I did learn.  Be careful of going to thin on the pasta.  On my first batch I went to the smallest setting on the pasta roller, figuring I really like an angel hair type pasta.  Made it put it in the pot and because it was so thin it overcooked in about a minute.  It became gluey and basically a liquid.  For the remainder of the batch I went to a thicker setting(4 or 5 if you do have this) and it turned out great.

On the light wheat pasta, I got most of it made, but in the end the last bit started to dry out just too much and I couldn't get it to work.  Was a small amount, so what I made still turned out great. 

Of course it is still easier to go to the store and buy noodles, but this is much more fun and makes it feel like you accomplished something.  My wife makes her own large batch of marinara, so it was nice to have a meal of spaghetti that was not store bought sauce and store bought noodles.  All I had to do was heat of the marinara, brown some ground turkey and make the noodles. 

Anyway, hopefully I will get back to writing the review of the night out at Biga on the Banks.  Also made a phyllo wrapped stuffed chicken from a Greek cookbook I have.  Tastes great and I tend to get good reviews, so look for that info coming soon.


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